The Analog Document 8.28.13


1st in class assignment:

The Analog Document: The Art of Transformational Identity is a fast paced “hands-on” assignment using a combination of sculptural object-making and instant photography in relation to the human figure. Within a three-hour class period, students will be challenged to create an object, a body extension or mask, and a triptych of images using an instant film camera. Students will photograph the objects that they have created from a collection of supplied materials, and then edit the photographs down to a series of images to be shown as their final document.

Cinema, mug shots, found photos, snapshots, hoaxes, shape shifting, extra appendages, rapid aging, missing limbs, religion, horror, gore, gender politics, mystical healing, heroes and villains, monsters and aliens, fantastical creatures, hybrid forms, part man part animal, body extensions, and cabinet of curiosities, are a few examples of the content that students can use in their approach to this assignment.

The assignment will begin with a short lecture briefly covering sculptural prosthetics, body extensions, performance, photography and documentation in contemporary art. Students will be introduced to a variety of common materials and processes covering assemblage, instant analog photography, and quick/inexpensive material applications. Students will be asked to construct an object that relates to the body, the theme of which is of their own choosing. They will have an hour and a half to make their piece with the materials supplied using simple constructive techniques. After they have created their object they will stage and photograph 5 images. These objects may be attached to the body or can be stand alone sculptures. They will then be asked to choose the best 3 to exhibit as their final work. Students will then discuss and critique the finished pieces.


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