Phantom Impulse

IMG_1467 IMG_1465Christina ConwayIMG_1447


Joshua Lopez-BinderIMG_1456IMG_1454Zhiwan CheungIMG_1461IMG_1479Melissa Bryan



Anna NelsonIMG_1462IMG_1457 IMG_1459 IMG_1458Jenny SoraccoIMG_3094





Works In Progress: Prosthetic Makeup Appliances

IMG_1344In this section you will find in-progress works by various students who are casting cold foam prosthetic appliances and testing makeup for their photo/video projects due next week. After the foam is cast, it is separated from the overflow sections and glued onto the face using spirit gum adhesive. Then liquid latex is added to the edges and over the appliance to blend the piece onto the face. Grease makeup and/or a cake makeup is then applied to achieve the appropriate effect for each student project. The next step is lighting, costume, and filming. More to come…….

IMG_1351work by Melissa Bryan and Joshua Lopez-Binder
IMG_1335IMG_1333IMG_1338IMG_1346IMG_1347work by Matt Sandler


work by Anna Nelson

work by Jenny SorrocoIMG_1355

work by Cristina ConwayIMG_1323

work by Zhiwan CheungIMG_1353image image-2image-3

A Visit to Thorsten Brinkmann’s “La Hutte Royal”

vorlage_Brinkmann_agendaToday a few members of the class visited Thorsten Brinkmann’s  permanent installation “La Hutte Royal”. The house is located on Troy Hill in Pittsburgh, commissioned by collector Evan Mirapaul. The installation consists of an entire house that has been transformed into a gesamtkunstwerk.  Thanks Evan for showing us your house! We had a great time. What a fun installation and very relevant to what we are doing in this class. For more info on the artist, please visit:


Works in Progress: Prosthetic Makeup and Identity

IMG_1219Below are images of life casts that have been taken using alginate to mold the face which will then cast in plaster. The plaster casts are sculpted using plasticine (oil based clay) to form the new identity of their characters. These plaster and clay faces will then have molds made over them for casting cold foam prosthetic make-up appliances. More in process images coming soon…..

IMG_1220 IMG_1225IMG_1235IMG_1228IMG_1244IMG_1239IMG_1226IMG_1241IMG_1247IMG_1224IMG_1245IMG_1234IMG_1251